Searching Accounts

How do I search accounts?

Searching One Account

YNAB has a fully functional search feature that helps you find transactions within your accounts.

To start a search, first select the account you'd like to search, then click in the search box. (You can also search all accounts at the same time - see below.)

Type in the keywords you'd like YNAB to search for. If you type in a keyword, you will see a drop-down menu appear. YNAB will provide you with options for narrowing your search.

You can search for more than one thing.  For example, you can search for the category "groceries" and the payee "Walmart" to see transactions at Walmart that were categorized to groceries.  Just add a comma after the first search item.

When you are in search mode, a green bar appears across the top of your register and identifies how you have filtered your transactions. For example, if you type in food, you will see:

To search based on amount of transactions, just enter a number and you will see:

If you search by date you will see:

Simply select your choice from the options that appear. To clear the current search click the X in the search field. To cancel a search, click the red and white x next to "Clear Search"

You can also search for a specific amount by typing the amount and hitting enter.

If you flag transactions, you can search by flag color (ex: red) in the search field, or you can just type the letter F and pick a color from the list that appears.

Searching All Accounts

Click on All Accounts in the sidebar and you will see transactions from all of your accounts grouped together in the same register. You will also notice another column has been added to the header and the register, indicating which account a given transaction is in:

You can sort by any column, including by account, by clicking the corresponding header at the top of the register.

Once you are viewing all accounts, you can search across them by activating the search feature in the top right hand corner of the register. This will allow you to isolate expenses by Category across multiple accounts.

For example, if you have a Category for business expenses and you use a checking account, cash, and a few different credit cards to pay for those expenses, you can find them all at once in the all accounts by searching for business expenses. You can also print this search to a PDF.

If you search for a Category and one is found in a split transaction, the remaining sections of the split will be crossed out during the search so you can clearly see what you are looking for.