Budgeting at its very Best.

YNAB’s revolutionary budget interface, now featuring extra awesome.

Make Informed Spending Decisions

YNAB 4 features Cloud Sync, making it easier than ever to stay focused on your budget and always up to date by staying in sync wherever there's an internet connection. Why wait three days for your bank to tell you that some money's been spent? Use YNAB's iPhone or Android app to record your spending right there at the cash register. With super-fast transaction entry, you'll have entered the transaction before you've walked out the door.

There's no more guessing when it comes to spending decisions. Since your budget is always up to date, whether on your spouse's iPhone, your Android, at home on your Mac, or at work on your PC, you'll know in a moment that it's okay to head out to eat. Enjoying yourself is part of the plan(1)!

(1) That's a code word for 'budget'

Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync

Get Off the Financial Roller Coaster

YNAB is built to let you easily set aside funds for larger, infrequent bills. $600 car insurance premium due in six months? Budget $100 each month into your 'Car insurance' category and watch the balance grow. When the bill is due, you pay it and everything feels the same.  That is, what used to send you into financial "crisis mode" now doesn't even make you blink.

Letting the Budget interface show you what needs to happen NOW so you can handle what happens NEXT is its strong suit. The quality of your spending decisions will skyrocket and you'll be managing your money better than you ever thought possible.

Money Management Made Simple

YNAB will happily import downloaded transactions in all the popular formats. It doesn't talk to your bank directly, but many of our customers find themselves ditching importing all together, or just using it to make sure they didn't miss anything. Their awareness goes up right along with their bank account balance. That doesn't mean it's a chore! Most of our users spend less time managing their money than ever before. How? Scheduled transactions, an interface designed for fast entry and mobile apps for entry on the go. The side benefit of not connecting to your bank account? YNAB works everywhere! Whether you're in the US, UK, Bolivia or Slovenia, YNAB will work for you.

Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync

Save More, Faster

Did you know that after one month, the median net worth increase for a YNABer is $200? After one month! After nine months, the median net worth increase is $3,300! Yes, the sky truly is the limit.

How is this possible? Most budget software asks you to guess a number on the 1st, inevitably leaving you to feel guilty on the 31st because you guessed wrong. YNAB is a new kind of budget, a flexible 'living budget' that helps you deal with overspending and makes it easy to save for your goals.

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