Mobile Troubleshooting

I'm having trouble syncing on my Mobile device.

Follow these directions to get up and running again.

The app is crashing on my phone.

Please make sure you are running the latest version of the desktop software.  To find out if you need to update the desktop version, go to HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES.

The ipod Touch 3rd generation with 8GB and iPhone 3G won't work with Cloud Sync.

There are some rare crashes when the Dropbox app on the phone is corrupted. If you have the Dropbox app installed on your phone, try reinstalling it to see if that helps.

I can’t assign categories to transactions on my phone. What’s going on?

Make sure you’ve selected a Budget Account.  Off Budget Accounts don’t connect to the budget in any way, so they don’t have categories.  

I synced with my phone and I lost all the transactions on the phone! How do I get them back?

This can be upsetting, but don’t panic! Chances are we can retrieve those transactions for you if you are on YNAB iOS. 
Open YNAB 4 on your desktop and open your budget. Go to Help > Send Technical Information and complete the form.  Be sure to check the box “Include Budget Folder”.  We’ll recover the transactions send your budget back!

When all else fails:

We often these steps help when other steps haven't helped, regardless of the issue at hand.

1. Uninstall the app from the mobile device
2. Completely power it down
3. Start it back up and reinstall the app from the app store
4. Check to see if your issue is resolved.