Entering Scheduled Transactions

How do I enter transactions that are recurring?

Using the Scheduled Transaction window built into each account, you can set up YNAB to automatically enter any regularly recurring transactions into your account register. You enter the information into Scheduled Transactions once and each time the transaction occurs, YNAB takes over and enters the recurring transactions into the register for you, on a schedule you have set. 

Once the Scheduler enters the transaction in your account, money will be deducted from the Budget as well.  It will show up in the Outflow column on the Budget in the Category you gave it. Don’t forget to budget in the appropriate Category so that there is money available for the transaction.

NOTE: Scheduled transactions will not arrive until YNAB is started on the desktop and thus won't appear on the mobile app via Cloud Sync until then either.

Step 1: Open the Scheduled Transactions window.

Select the account where the transaction will take place and click the calendar icon at the bottom-left of the register window.

The Scheduled Transactions window appears below the account register.

Step 2:  Select the date of the first occurrence.

In the Scheduled Transactions window in the Date field select the date that you’d like this scheduled transaction to first appear in your register.

Step 3: Enter the frequency of the transaction.

Determine how often this transaction will occur and select the frequency from the drop-down choices.

Step 4: Enter the Payee.

In the Payee field, enter the Payee who will receive the payment if it is an outflow. If you are receiving this money (For example, a paycheck that is directly deposited) enter who paid you.

Step 5: Select a Category.

Select the Budget Category that you will use for this transaction.

Step 6: Enter the amount of the transaction.

If you will be spending this money, enter the amount in the Outflow field.

If you will be receiving this money, enter the amount in the Inflow field.

On occasion, you may want to move the transaction to the register immediately. For example: a payment that is a scheduled transaction clears the bank early. To do this, select the transaction you want to move early by clicking the check box to the left of the date field (the transaction row will then change to shaded yellow):

Then click the down arrow on the Scheduler Edit Transactions menu and from the choices select Enter in register now.

The transaction will immediately be placed in the register and the date will be adjusted based on the frequency you set. You’ll notice from this same menu you can also move the transaction to another account or delete it from Scheduled Transactions.

To edit scheduled transactions:

Select the transaction(s) you want to edit by clicking the check box to the left of the Date field, then click Edit (x) Transactions:

From there, you have three choices:

1. Enter in Register Now  - Select this option if you want a Scheduled Transaction to appear in the register before its scheduled date.

2. Delete - Select this option to delete a Scheduled Transaction.

3. Move to Account - Select this option to move a Scheduled Transaction to a different account.