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Linda, Cheyenne, WY

I am currently a stay-at-home mom and manager of all things financial in our home. I do it all: budgeting, spending, investing, filing the tax return, etc. We have two kids, and we've been using YNAB since June 2010.

We were doing pretty well. We had emergency savings for at least 6 months, retirement savings, and some college savings. We lived within our means and paid off our credit card bills every month. Where we struggled was budgeting. Even though we spent our money wisely, it was hard to track where the money went with the computer program we were using, GnuCash. It was similar to the Microsoft Money and Quicken programs; you can keep track but it was difficult to get the information in a useable form. Also, it was hard to plan ahead.

I read about YNAB in several blogs and loved the concept of the 4 rules but wasn't convinced to buy it because of the price. I'm very leery of spending money on something I didn't think I NEEDED. I did the free trial of  YNAB. Still reluctant to pay for the program, I created my own spreadsheet to mimic the YNAB program. After a few weeks, it was just too frustrating to keep up with having to edit the formulas every time I made a change to my spreadsheet. I decided that it was worth the money to save me time and sanity.

When I read the 4 rules, it made a lot of sense. The idea that you only spend money that you already have was very liberating. Even though we were already on solid financial footing, that idea made me feel even more in-control of our money. I also loved the idea of setting aside money for a rainy day for those expenses that are occasional, like property taxes and emergencies.

After a couple of months, I totally felt like the money I spent on purchasing the YNAB program was definitely worthwhile. YNAB just made budgeting and keeping track of our money super easy.

YNAB is an awesome program! Before using YNAB, I struggled to get an accurate picture of our financial picture. Just being able to keep track was not good enough. YNAB makes budgeting and managing our finances simple and easy, even enjoyable! Because of the forward thinking nature of the Four Rultes, we've saved about $16,000 towards our goals. I am enjoying the extra time I would've used for tracking finances with my family. I highly recommend YNAB to anyone. YNAB saves you time and money!

We have made progress saving for a new car ($4600) and for our kids' college education ($500 more per month than before YNAB). We've paid for three trips this year (total of about $5000). We also got our front lawn landscaped ($6000). Before YNAB, we would not have been able to save up as much as we had to pay for all these things up front. I feel very comfortable with our financial situation. I know exactly where our money's going. Being able to see up-to-date numbers on each budget category has helped me curb unnecessary spending. I love YNAB! I've told a friend about it and feel great recommending it to anyone.

I think it has helped us just feel positive in these scary times. I feel like we're prepared for anything that could happen, positive or negative.

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up-to-date numbers on each budget category has helped me curb unnecessary spending

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