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Cori, St. Cloud, FL

I'm a ghostwriter. I write web content for business owners, bloggers, and marketers online. I work entirely from home, and support myself and my family. I live right near Disney World. Cost of living can be quite high, and if tourism dips, the local economy can take a total nose-dive. I have three boys. They keep me on my toes, and are the light of my life. Their dad is pretty great, too.

I’ve been using YNAB since May 2010. YNAB has helped me immensely in keeping track of my spending and figuring out where my money goes from month to month. It's been a great asset!

My financial situation was OK prior to YNAB, but I was having trouble keeping track of where my money was going and seeing where I could cut and save. Since I've started using YNAB, I quickly found out my dining could use a slim down! I found I was spending anywhere from 600-800 bucks a month dining out. And that did NOT include what was spent on groceries! So that's helped enormously to see where I can cut down to pay off some debt and save. I had grown an emergency fund using YNAB, and it WOULD have been at this point at about 8000 dollars... but unfortunately that sum went almost entirely to custody lawyers to gain 40% custody of our 9 month old. (He's my step baby.) So now I'm using YNAB to keep track of my spending and attempt to build that savings back up. I'm also using it to track short term savings goals, as I'd like to move into a bigger place next year, and I'd like to begin paying off my car as well. So YNAB is like my lifeline to my cash, letting me know exactly what I've got, where I've got it, and how much I can allocate to where!

My pivot point was almost two years ago... my guy and I split for about six months, and my business had been taking off. It was about that time that I realized I could support myself and my family entirely on my own, and that was an amazing feeling. We split, I got my own place (my very first, all my own!), I traveled a bit, continued to grow my business, and in general was doing well. But my guy was missing, so we ended up getting back together and trying to rebuild our family, and the budgeting I'm able to do with YNAB has helped a ton in keeping us motivated and on track to improve our overall financial health.

It was pretty painless actually. Most of the stuff was fairly self-explanatory and I picked it up pretty quickly. I'm certain there are still some things for me to learn about using it, I just haven't committed the time to do it yet. For now though, it's serving its purpose well. It keeps me on track and motivated to keep saving, and that's exactly what I needed. I was more comfortable using it. I finally figured out why importing the transactions from my bank wasn't a good idea. I ended up erasing all of those transactions and just keeping everything manually entered into it from May.

It's been eight months since using YNAB and honestly I don't know what I'd do without it. It's the perfect way for me to quickly see a snapshot of where I'm at financially, from day to day. It makes me mindful of my spending and of just HOW much I have to spend exactly. As I said before, I'd have about $8000 in savings right now, had I not had to give the bulk of that to the lawyer! So now I'm pretty much back at square one, but I'm confident that with my income coming in and my tracking with YNAB, next year I'll be back on track and building my emergency fund back up to where it should be. In the mean time, I've cut down on dining out and am using YNAB to look for other areas I can cut back and begin saving again. :)

My financial situation has always made a huge impact on all areas of my life. I need to feel secure in order to relax and let myself enjoy my life. So YNAB helps me to keep track of things, and helps me with feeling secure and "in control of my money" rather than my "money in control of me!". And that makes life much more pleasant all the way around! lol

YNAB rocks! I'd be lost without it, so thanks so much for creating such a uniquely useful tool!

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It keeps me on track and motivated to keep saving, and that's exactly what I needed.

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