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Brandon, Beavercreek, OH

Where we live is pretty normal. The  bad economy has hit Ohio, but there are still jobs to be had. I am self employed. In college, I started a business doing outsourced sales services. It was an idea God placed in my heart, and I ran with it. Running your own business comes with a lot of highs and lows. Currently I am in the second year of the company. The Lord is bringing a lot of awesome opportunities, and I am SO excited to see where He takes this.

I am actually getting engaged soon. Because I own my own business, there’s been a lot of 'unknowns' financially. There are GREAT days. There are SLOW days. So, I began to fear the future. How could I marry my love and be wise with our money, when there was so much uncertainty?

I honestly believe the Lord led me to YNAB. I saw it on the iTunes App store, read about it, then bought it! I love that it allows me to set a plan in place to compensate for the highs & lows of owning my own company. YNAB is perfect for the Newlywed market! It gives us a good head-start, and takes the fears, future-arguments, etc. and replaces them with plans, understanding, and teamwork.

In starting YNAB, I was living paycheck to paycheck, and I knew I didn't want to do that when I was married. I made okay money, but was blowing it away in random places. I needed a plan.
When I realized I would be marrying my girlfriend, the reality of taking care of her hit me hard. I knew I needed to set some things in place and be as wise as I could with what I had.

I’ve been using YNAB for 10 months and it was easy to learn. I felt the YNAB team has done their homework in teaching people how to look at money differently. It made the 'transition' fun! Two months in, I loved YNAB more. The iPhone App made it super-easy, and I enjoyed knowing I was on a plan! Honestly, YNAB came at the perfect time. I put all my debts, totaling $3000, into my budget, and I’m on the path to paying them all off. Now I am one paycheck away from being PAID OFF!!! Overall... I feel like I am finally in control!

Now I think about money so much less. I just look at the iPhone. “Do I have money for that? Yep. Okay, buy it.” Boom! Thanks guys.You've helped get me and my future wife on a great financial plan.

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It allows me to set a plan in place to compensate for the highs & lows of owning my own company.

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