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We can't wait to teach you how to be a budgeting expert. On top of helping you make the most of YNAB one lucky person will win a FREE copy of YNAB 4 at the end of every class!

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Each of YNAB's Teachers is a YNAB success story. Their experience makes them uniquely qualified to show you how to change your life with YNAB.

Erin is a former high school teacher whose credit card debt spiraled out of control because she was only tracking some of her spending. She found YNAB in 2006, learned to track all her spending, and eliminated the debt!

Lee was an instructor in the Navy who used to use a spreadsheet to manage his money, but it didn’t handle overspending well. With YNAB, he learned to roll with the punches and he’s never looked back.

Ronna is a Graduate student in NYC who realized the paper envelope method of budgeting was difficult with her urban on-the-go lifestyle. She discovered YNAB while searching for a modern approach, and became an instant devotee!

Sherri was a technology integration specialist in New Hampshire, helping students and teachers to become 21st century learners. YNAB helped her finally get a handle on the family finances and now she’s excited to teach people how to get a handle on theirs.

Jim was a music instructor and business owner who was frustrated with other financial management tools that were a lot of work, but really didn't help him make good money decisions. YNAB helped him simplify, prioritize and focus his attention on what matters most.