Using YNAB for Android

When you first install and launch the app, you'll be prompted to link your Dropbox account in order to access your Cloud Sync budgets. Follow the on-screen directions to do so. If you didn't create a Cloud Sync budget in YNAB 4 or you are using YNAB 3, choose the "Use Legacy Sync Instead" option.


To add a transaction,  tap the "Add Transaction" button that's located at the bottom of the budget or account screen. Fill in the fields, then tap "Save Transaction" to finish.

To add a split transaction that affects multiple budget categories, enter the transaction normally but tap the "Split" arrow in the top right corner on the budget category selection screen.

To transfer money from one account to another start typing the word “transfer” in the payee field and a list of accounts you can transfer to will appear for you to choose from.

To enter income tap "Add Transaction" and then "income". Choose "Available this month" or "Available next month" from the category selection screen.

To view transactions, either tap on ‘Budget’ and then a budget category to see all transactions recorded in that category, or tap ‘Accounts’ then choose an account to see all transactions recorded in that account.

To edit a transaction simply tap the transaction you want to edit. Tap the amount to reveal the keypad.

To delete a transaction tap the transaction to view the details, scroll to the bottom then tap "Delete Transaction" to delete it.


To clear a transaction, tap the "cleared" check-off box when adding or editing a new transaction.

To mix inflows and outflows in a split transaction, tap the split amount box to flip the +/- sign.

Geo-Smart Payees

Geo-Smart payees use location awareness to automatically set the category and payee for a new transaction based on where you are.

To use Geo-Smart Payees first make sure "Use GPS" is turned on. Tap the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the app, and then tap settings. Toggle “Use GPS” to on. When you add a transaction at a new location the location will be saved. The payee and category will be automatically set for any future transaction at that location.

To prevent a location from being added, tap the globe icon next to the payee name.


To remove a location from a payee, during transaction entry tap payees, then tap the edit button next to “Near you”.  Tap forget location for the payee you’d like to remove.



To pin a category, tap on it then tap the pin icon in the upper right hand corner.  Tap again to unpin.

To view the details of a category, tap on it.

To sync the budget, pull down on the budget screen.

To switch to a different budget, tap the action bar menu (three dots), then tap “Open Budget”.  Then tap on the name of the budget you want to load.

To set a passcode on your budget tap on the three dot icon in the top right corner of the app, then tap “Settings”. Tap the checkbox next to “Passcode” and you’ll be prompted to set a passcode.