Upgrade from an older version of YNAB

What are the benefits?

YNAB 4 introduced a number of brand new features never before available as well as introducing a cleaner easier to use interface. By upgrading to the latest version you get full use of all of the features you'll read about here on our site as well as receive free updates as we release them through the lifespan of YNAB 4.

Updates? Upgrades? What's the difference?

To draw an analogy, you update your car by giving it a paint job or new tires but you upgrade your ride when you buy a completely new car.

In short, updates to the version that you purchase such as 4.1, 4.2, etc. are free while a major upgrade to YNAB 4 from YNAB 3, etc. will cost.

Am I obligated to upgrade?

No! Not at all. When you buy YNAB you are welcome to continue to use the version that you purchased with all features intact for as long as you'd like. Nor will we charge you to lookup your previous order or download it again either.

How much does it cost to upgrade?

You can save $20 off of the full regular $60 price of YNAB 4 today if you're an owner of one of our previous versions.

Future discounts and pricing have yet to be determined but will be posted here when that time arrives.

How can I get the discount?

You can use our discount lookup form to enter the email address you purchased with to get directly to the order page with the discount pre-applied.

The best part is it doesn't matter how long ago you purchased, or what version it might have been, we'll still give you a discount as long as we can locate a record of your previous purchase.

What if I upgrade then you release YNAB 5 soon after?

As long as your upgrade is within 6 months of the next major release you'll get the new version for free.

We've always done something to take care of current customers, especially those who purchased recently, when we release new versions. That won't change.

Do I need my old version in order to install the new one?

No, not at all. Each major upgrade of YNAB is a completely new installation that doesn't require the older version to be present on your computer in order to run.

Why isn't my new key upgrading my copy of YNAB?

Each new version of YNAB is a standalone installation that you need to download in order to use. If you've just upgraded to YNAB 4 you can download a copy here.

I paid for the upgrade but the download page only gives me a trial copy?

By default all copies of YNAB download as trials. You only need to paste in your key to activate your copy and remove any mention of it being a trial as well as any time limits.

Will my budget data open in the new version?

Yes! You can convert your older budget to YNAB 4 by way of File>Open>Open another budget>Convert an older budget file which will open and convert any YNAB Pro or YNAB 3 budgets. YNAB Basic budgets can be converted as well as long as they weren't modified to include extra pages in the spreadsheet file.

Where will I find my old budget files?

The default location for YNAB 3 budget files is in the Documents folder and they'll have a .ynab3 file name extension. If you can't locate then there you can search for all files name *.ynab3 or if you still have YNAB 3 installed you can use File>Save As... to locate where the files are saved to.

YNAB Pro files end with just .ynab and can be found in much the same fashion described above.

YNAB Basic budgets are spreadsheet files and will have an .xls file name extension.

Can I uninstall YNAB 3 once I have YNAB 4 installed?

Yes, you no longer need it and you can always open up an older YNAB 3 budget in YNAB 4 by way of File>Open>Open another budget>Convert an older budget file should you need to.

On a different note...
Since you aren't going to need your copy of YNAB 3 any longer please consider giving it to a friend or family member that you feel could use it.

Yes, you read that right, you have our complete permission to transfer your fully licensed copy of YNAB 3 on to someone else. Once you've filled out this form you can let them know then help them get up to speed on how YNAB works.

Pay it forward. You'll be glad that you did.