Setting up Cloud Sync on your Mobile Device

Set up Cloud Sync on your desktop first.

How do I set up Cloud Sync on my mobile device?

YNAB has apps for the iPhones and Android phones.

In order to use Cloud Sync, make sure your device is compatible.

YNAB for Android Requirements:
  • YNAB for Android 3.0.8 requires Android 4.0 and above. YNAB for Android 2.1.7 requires Android 2.1 and above.
  • It will run on Kindle Fire and should run on most other Android based tablets.

Get YNAB mobile for Android on Google Play or Amazon.

The Dropbox app does not need to be installed on your phone.  However, some Android users have reported that installing the Dropbox app on the phone helped when they were having installation issues.

YNAB for iOS requirements:

WiFi Sync: YNAB 3, iOS 4.3 and later
Cloud Sync: YNAB 4, iOS 4.3 and later

Get YNAB for iPhone.

Setting up your Mobile Device

Download and install YNAB on your device, then open it.

NOTE: These screenshots are from the iPhone app, but the setup is the same for Android devices.

Click on “Get Started”

You will then be asked how you’d like to sync transactions.

Click “Cloud Sync”.

Then you’ll be prompted to link your dropbox account.  Click "Link Account".

Make sure you are linking to the Dropbox account that you saved the budget to on your desktop! This is the main cause of syncing problems. Let's say the Dropbox app that is installed on the iPhone is logged in as user A, but you want to link the YNAB app to User B's Dropbox account. Instead of clicking "Allow" when the Dropbox link question comes up, press (Change) to log in with user B's credentials and link to that account.

This guide will step you through how to tell which Dropbox account your budget is saved to.

Then click “Allow”.

Select a budget file from the choices that appear:

YNAB will retrieve your budget file and you are ready to go!  While it's working on getting your budget, you will see the following screen:

When it's ready, you'll see:

Cloud Syncing on additional devices:

To sync with more than one phone: After you've gotten one phone syncing by following the steps above, simply open the YNAB app in on the 2nd phone, and link it with the SAME Dropbox account on the 2nd phone that you linked with on the first phone!

Still not working?

Check out our article dedicated to troubleshooting Cloud Sync issues.

99.9% of the time, when CloudSync doesn't work, it's because you are not linked to the same Dropbox account that the desktop is using.

Make sure when you set up YNAB on your phone you link to the same Dropbox account that was used on the desktop.  It’s very easy to do without realizing it, especially if the Dropbox app is installed on your phone.

Uh oh!  I think I might have linked to the wrong Dropbox account.

Troubleshoot syncing issues.

Set up Cloud Sync for Desktop.