Restore your budget from Dropbox

If you have your budget set to Cloud Sync and you encountered an error that read "This file couldn't be loaded" in regard to a file ending with '.ymeta' then it's usually the result of the files from Dropbox having not fully synced yet.

The quickest fix for this is to just wait. Have you tried opening your budget since this happened? If so - and it failed to open - that means something else got messed up in syncing over Dropbox. The good news is the steps below will get your budget back up and running quickly.

  1. Shut YNAB down if it's running
  2. Mac → Open Finder
    Windows → Open Windows Explorer
  3. Mac → Go to your /dropbox/ynab/ folder
    Windows → Go to your  \dropbox\ynab\ folder
  4. Look for your budget by name
  5. Delete that budget. (We know it sounds weird, but this will help us tell Dropbox it needs to restore it in full)
  6. Now, log in to your Dropbox account here
  7. That will take you to your Dropbox YNAB folder, and it will show you all deleted folders. In the grayed out list of folders should be your broken budget that parts of got deleted somehow.
  8. Right/CTRL-click on that folder, and click "restore". All of your budget will be restored.
  9. Give Dropbox on your computer time to catch up (It will show the green checkmark in the Dropbox icon in the system tray or menu bar). Then, you should be able to open it again from within YNAB.