Reconciliation Trouble Shooting

Reconciliation Overview

Learn how to reconcile your bank accounts to YNAB.

Why isn’t my YNAB account reconciling with my bank?

When YNAB and your bank don’t reconcile right away, rest assured that YNAB is doing it’s job. It’s telling you something is off and you need to find it and fix it. There’s either missing information or inaccurate information.

There are two main scenarios:

1. YNAB says you have MORE money than the bank says you have.

     a. Have you recorded all spending?

     b.Have you recorded income twice accidentally?

     c. Have you marked all spending that shows up on your bank statement as cleared in YNAB?

2. YNAB says you have LESS money than the bank says you have.
     a. Have you recorded all income?

     b. Have you recorded the same spending transaction twice?

     c.Have you marked all income that shows up on your bank statement as cleared in YNAB?

Some other things to look for:

  1. When going through transactions look for inverted numbers.  Did you enter $46.57 instead of $47.65?
  2. Is it possible you entered a transaction in the wrong account?  If you are off by $13.76, try searching for that amount in the all accounts view to see if it’s sitting in another account.
  3. If you can’t find the transaction in another account, is it possible that you used cash for the transaction?  Some people treat cash like a category.
  4. Have you entered an inflow as an outflow accidentally or vice versa?  If you are off by $17.34, try searching for twice that amount or half that amount.
  5. Make sure the reconciliation date is set correctly.  If you choose November 2nd as the date, but one transaction is for November 3rd, it won’t appear in the reconciliation window and could be throwing things off.
  6. Make sure you enter the correct balance from your bank website or paper statement when starting reconciliation. 
  7. Make sure the starting balance was accurate.  If you’ve checked every transaction line by line and you’re sure the bank and YNAB have the same information regarding spending and income, the only other possibility is that the starting balance was incorrect when you entered it.
  8. Do you have any transactions that are checked off as cleared but dated after today? If so please change the dates or un-clear them in the register before you start reconciling.

This is actually a very common issue.  Let’s say you entered a starting balance on October 2nd of $1000.  On that same day a grocery transaction clears for $100.

What you need to know is: Was that $100 already subtracted from the bank leaving you with a balance of $1000?  Or was it subtracted from the bank leaving you with a balance of $900?

You should be able to see this by checking your statement online by checking the order of when the transactions cleared.

  • If it was subtracted from the bank leaving you with a $1000 balance,  you didn’t need to record that $100 transaction in YNAB.  It was removed from the balance already.
  • If it was subtracted FROM the $1000, then you either need to record it as a transaction in YNAB (so it matches the bank) or change the starting balance to $900.You can change the starting balance by double clicking on the inflow field of your starting balance transaction and entering a new number.  Alternatively, you can record an adjustment transaction in the amount that you are off by.

A good rule of thumb when setting up an account is to look at the closing bank balance on the day before you start YNAB.  Then make sure you record and budget for each transaction that clears the bank after that date.

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