Helpful Links

To save you some searching, we’ve organized the articles that new users find most helpful here in a linear fashion.  You can also search for anything at the top of the support page.  Keep your search words shorter for best results.  Click the ‘View all topics’ button at the bottom of any topic to see a full list of related articles.

Before you start:

Learn the rules that drive the software.

Getting Started with Three Simple Steps - This will show the steps for implementing the rules.  (Video)

To get started:

Step by Step Setup - This will walk you step by step through setting up your budget. (Video)

Entering a Scheduled Transaction -  If you have withdrawals that come out of the bank automatically, or use Direct Deposit, set that up in Scheduled Transactions to speed things up.

Creative Category Organization - Thereʼs more than one way to organize your budget categories. Here are some fresh ideas. (Video)

Rainy Day Categories - a somewhat comprehensive list of rainy day categories to help you remember what you need.

Handling Cash - Is tracking cash driving you crazy? Two approaches are outlined in this short video.  Decide now how you’ll manage this. 

Handling Credit Cards - a comprehensive overview on how to set up and manage credit cards. (Video)

Handling Savings - step by step directions on how to handle savings. (Video)

After you've started:

Split Transactions - If youʼve ever gone to a “Big Box” store and bought items that affect more than one category, this video is a MUST SEE. 

Reconciliation - Learn how to make sure your YNAB accounts match with your bank accounts.

Handling Reimbursements - Do you pick up things for work and get reimbursed later? Itʼs easy to deal with. Just follow these steps.

Importing Transactions from your bank - YNAB allows you to import files downloaded from your bank. Learn how to make maintaining things a little easier.

Top Ten Questions asked by new YNABers - Often new users have the same  questions. Check out this course to see if you have a common question we can answer.

Special Topics

Dealing with Variable Income - Does your income go up and down or come in at irregular intervals?  This article can help!

Multiple Budgets - Do you have a business budget and a household budget? Do you have separate budgets for your kids?  This article will tell you how to manage it.

Starting in Overdraft - If you are starting with a negative bank balance, this section will help you get started.

Forecasting in YNAB - Some folks like to forecast ahead a few months to get an idea of how things might play out. While YNAB doesn’t have a forecasting feature, these directions may help you a bit.

Understanding the Credit Card Float - Are you using this month's income to pay for last month's spending?

How to Snowball your Debt - Set up a debt snowball in YNAB to pay down that debt even faster.

Fresh Start - Need to start over?  Check out the fresh start feature!

Reports - Need more information on how things are going with your budget?

Other Resources

YNAB Online Support – This is the main support page for YNAB.

YNAB Training and Education: A variety of live classes and recorded videos you can watch as often as you want! You should definitely start here!

Cloud Sync - Keep  your YNAB budget up to date in real time across multiple devices!

YNAB for Mobile - Learn about our iPhone and Android apps.

Purchase YNAB - Seen enough? Ready to jump in? Here’s a quick link where you can purchase!