Create an Ad-Hoc network on a Mac

These steps help troubleshoot connections between your iPhone and your WiFi network and an Apple computer. These steps will not work if you have an Android phone as it will not support this sort of connection.

This article does not  apply to YNAB 4 with Cloud Sync.

Instructions for Windows

You should follow these steps only if normal sync fails to work. If you are having trouble getting your mobile app to sync with the desktop, please start at the mobile sync troubleshooting guide before trying these steps.

If your house doesn't have a wireless network, but your computer has wireless capabilities, you can still sync over an ad-hoc network. Syncing over an ad-hoc network is a good way to troubleshoot a syncing problem. If syncing works over an ad-hoc network, but doesn’t work over your normal Wi-fi connection, something is misconfigured in your Wi-Fi.

Step 1: Go to Settings:

Step 2: Click on Network.

Step 3: Click on AirPort on the left, and then click on Create Network in the Network Name dropdown:

Step 4: Name the network YNAB Sync.
(We recommend setting a password too)

Step 5: Make sure the Status is On and the network name is YNAB Sync.

Connecting the iPhone to your Ad Hoc network:

You might have to put your iPhone in Airplane mode for it to see your ad hoc network.

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings >Wireless.
  2. Connect to the YNAB Sync network:
  3. Start YNAB on the iPhone and attempt to sync.