Cloud Sync

What is Cloud Sync?

Cloud Sync keeps  your YNAB budget up to date in real time across multiple devices. Out shopping and need to know your balance to make a spending decision? You can be confident you’re up to date. Have YNAB on two phones and one desktop in your family? You’ll know that everyone has the very same information. Want to share the budget with your spouse’s computer? No problem.

The best part? We do it for you. Automatically. Instantly. Magically.

With Cloud Sync you can:

  • sync information between two computers that share the same budget file.
  • enter a transaction on your mobile phone and have it immediately appear on your desktop and other mobile devices.
  • add a transaction on your PC at work and have it show up on your Mac at home.
  • edit the same budget simultaneously between multiple computers.
  • see the latest changes made by a spouse, whether it was a purchase or a budget adjustment.
  • always have an up to date backup of your budget somewhere other than your computer.  This means if your hard drives crashes your budget data won’t be lost.

How does Cloud Sync work?

For Cloud Sync to work, you need an internet connection and a free account at Dropbox.  And don’t worry - Cloud Sync works over a cellular data connection as well!  When you make a change to your budget, that information is sent to Dropbox. YNAB is constantly updating the information it receives from Dropbox so you have the most up to date information all the time!

If you’re using YNAB for iPhone or Android and you’re in a dead spot, any transactions that you enter will be synced when internet becomes available.

If you already have and love another file hosting service,y ou can keep using the service you're familiar with while using Dropbox just to sync your budget for you.

Is Cloud Sync secure?

YNAB’s Cloud Sync is powered by Dropbox, an industry leader in personal cloud storage. All your data is totally private unless you specifically share it with others. Data sent from any of your devices is transmitted using the same encryption that bank websites use. Learn more about Dropbox security.

It’s worth mentioning that when you share your budget file with someone, they will have the ability to load it and make changes.  Share carefully!

How do I set up Cloud Sync?

The software will walk you right through it, but we have directions available as well.

Setting up Cloud Sync for your Desktop DO THIS FIRST!!

Setting up Cloud Sync for your Mobile Device

I've set up Cloud Sync, but it's not working. What do I do?

Make sure you've followed the set up steps outlined on the two previous pages.  If those didn't work check out our trouble shooting page.