Auto Save

YNAB saves your budget automatically at regular intervals and when you quit.  There's no need to worry about losing your work.

How often does YNAB save my budget?

YNAB saves your budget every 5 seconds.  After that it saves versions that you can easily go back to every 10 minutes, or when you hit the CTRL-S (CMD-S on a Mac).

We’ve got you covered!  YNAB will:

  • keep hourly backups for the past week.
  • keep daily backups for 7 - 30 days.
  • After that, it keeps a backup every 15 days.

Where is my budget saved?

When you use YNAB's Cloud Sync feature, your budget is saved to Dropbox.  This saves your budget locally in the Dropbox folder on your computer and in your Dropbox account.

You can see where the Cloud Sync budgets are stored by going to Preferences.

Where is my budget backed up?

If you are using Cloud Sync, it's backed up on Dropbox.  This means if something happened to your computer, you'd be able to login to your Dropbox account and retrieve the data.

If you're not using Cloud Sync, your budget is stored locally on your computer.  To find where it's stored:

Windows: Go to File>YNAB Preferences in the menu.

Mac: Go to YNAB 4> Preferences in the menu.

How do I retrieve an earlier version?

Easy!  Go to File>Load Another Version and select one from the list.  All available earlier versions appear in this list. Click on a version to load it.