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The police officer, school teacher, engineer, firefighter, attorney, doctor, professor, designer, manager and rocket scientist all have one thing in common: they’re killing it financially with YNAB.

Kirsten, Richfield, UT

Richard is a police officer, fireman, and an EMT. I'm a high school librarian and an EMT. We have two children and we've been using YNAB for seven months.

Once upon a time there was a family who didn’t have a clue why they ran out of money every month. The parents of this family had full-time employment and they both had a couple of part time jobs, as well, but they still never had enough to get ahead. With a daughter heading to college the upcoming fall, they knew they had to do something to make some changes. The mother had purchased software in the past that seemed like a wonderful idea at the time. She was able to see where their money was going. But after a while, it wasn’t serving their needs and became time consuming with little benefit. So she quit using it.

The mother searched and searched for something that would help them budget and save some money. One day, while searching the Internet, she came upon a software review for something called YNAB, You Need A Budget. A bell went off in her head. If anybody needed a budget, they did! The philosophy of YNAB, as told by the reviewer, seemed to fit with what she was looking for. After reading several other reviews, and devouring the information available on the YNAB website, she downloaded the trial version. It was Christmas, her birthday, and Mother’s day, all rolled into one. She had found what she was looking for!

Now her task was to convince her husband of its benefits, and get him on board. She approached him with the idea and offered to pay for it with her personal money. He saw how important it was to her and he agreed. She had his support, the new software, determination, and  wonderful support from the YNAB staff with free training sessions! Jump forward 1 month. Her husband called her the “budget Nazi.” So she learned to include her husband in more decisions of where their money was categorized. During the summer they also installed the software on their daughter’s computer, and taught her the ropes. By the beginning of her first college semester she felt very prepared with her budgeting skills. She practically demanded in her posts on facebook that all of her friends learn the budgeting skills that she had learned from YNAB.

Jump forward 2 more months. Summer ended and they had not added more debt on their credit card. They had even been able to go on the vacation they had planned, as well as a few other quick trips. Jump even further ahead. Their car needed repairs and they actually had the money in that category just waiting to be used. Christmas was fast approaching as well, and they had the money in that category also, just waiting for Santa to spend it. This was a new thing for this family. It usually took them a couple of months to pay off debt incurred for Christmas in the past. They were feeling the effects of the freedom from their money’s bondage. Their debt was decreasing, their savings increasing, and their peace at home swelling to envelop them all. They were now the masters of their money, instead of the other way around.

It could be said, that this particular family has caught the budget bug. For whenever they hear someone talking in distress over their finances, they are quick to share what they have learned. In fact, just try and stop them from sharing! For one of the greatest joys about gaining knowledge is in the sharing of it. So, if you bring up money around any of these folks, you are sure to hear them say, “You Need A Budget!”

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It could be said, that this particular family has caught the budget bug.

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