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The police officer, school teacher, engineer, firefighter, attorney, doctor, professor, designer, manager and rocket scientist all have one thing in common: they’re killing it financially with YNAB.

Joseph, Dimondale, MI

I'm the Business Analyst who works as the bridge between our Marketing, Compliance, Risk Management, Patient Safety Institute Business Units and the IT Department. I help  address business needs in our different departments.

My wife and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this past year and baby number 6 is on the way. We have been using YNAB since the first relsease, it seems like forever!

When we were newly married, times were tight.  We were living paycheck to paycheck on a combined income  of around 30K. We found ourselves struggling to pay all our bills and time our checks so we would have money in the bank. It was stressful and a bit scary sometimes. We wanted to keep our word and pay what we owed but didn't see a way to keep up or ever get ahead.

My pivot point was when it got so tight, we started missing payments to our utility companies. I had to literally drive and pay in cash because I couldn't trust the money to be in the bank when they cashed the checks we used to send. We didn't know what was happening with our finances each month and didn't have a concept of a budget. I googled for an excel spreadsheet to do a budget and found YNAB. I ate up the site and signed up right away!

I felt like it was an awakening to a whole new world. I'd always heard that we needed to live below our means, but what I learned in YNAB was how to live WITHIN our means. We had enough money but we kept getting surprised by things that came up and falling more and more behind.

We found that after we figured out how to budget and track where our money was going, it was easy to stay focused and not get caught off guard by things that were predictable. It brought a lot of peace to have a system that helped us stay on top of our finances and communicate with each other!

We're a few years into using YNAB. Financially we have been at peace ever since we started. It's night and day different to know what's coming financially and to have a budget and a plan. We've paid off a mountain of debt--over 10K--and are on track to paying off the rest of it (besides the house) in the next two years. We have a few thousand in savings and a budget that we stick to!

All around, we are more peaceful without having money hanging over us. We don't stress about it anymore 

Just this month, YNAB and having a budget saved us again! We had a house sold on a land contract and it fell through. The buyer abandoned the house and now we have two mortgages to cover. Fortunately, we thought through this scenario ahead of time. With YNAB, we learned to think ahead and plan for financial situations like this. By using YNAB, we've cut back on some areas to make this work until we can find a new buyer.


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It brought a lot of peace to have a system that helped us stay on top of our finances

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