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Jack, Schererville, IN

I'm in Sales and I have an extremely variable income so getting things under control has recently become more important. We have three kids: one in college, one in high-school and one in middle school. 

We've always had a "budget" which we visited every year. The problem was, we didn't have a way to really track and stick to it. This year, a significant change in my income caused us to reign in our spending and be better stewards of our finances. We were using general concepts to manage spending but we really needed a way to get an accurate picture of what we were spending and where. YNAB gave us that tool.

The software was quite easy to set up and get started. By using YNAB and the mobile application on our iPod Touch, we can accurately track our spending and make real-time decisions, right at the point of purchase. We never had this abilty before so we often made purchases and discovered later on (usually when the credit card bill arrived) that it may not have been a financially sound decision.

Today we have a one-month reserve and no longer live paycheck to paycheck. We are now building up our buffer and, soon,  will have a six-month reserve. We should be able to pay off our second mortgage within three years!

Finanaces have always been a stress-point in our marriage and discussions revolving around money were avoided. In a few short months since YNAB, we feel empowered and free to discuss our income and our spending. Together, we make wise decisions because we have all the information we need at our fingertips. This has helped our marriage immensly and the YNAB system was instrumental in this positive change!

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We feel empowered and free to discuss our income and our spending

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