Real People, Unreal Results. (Really.)

The police officer, school teacher, engineer, firefighter, attorney, doctor, professor, designer, manager and rocket scientist all have one thing in common: they’re killing it financially with YNAB.

Laura - Huntsville, AL


YNAB helped this newly-wed couple leave behind a ho-hum (albeit secure) job for the chance to search out a more fulfilling career.

Ellen - Germantown, TN


These busy pilots, although pros in the cockpit, realized they were financial fledglings. Budgeting with YNAB helped them straighten up and fly right.

Josh - Beardstown, IL


These newly-weds never thought a budget would work for them, until they started working for a budget.

Adam - Grafton, MA


Adam's $35,000 debt overwhelmed his new relationship. It was time to lose the debt so he wouldn't lose the girl.

Brandon - Beavercreek, OH


Engaged to his sweetheart, this young entrepreneur decided it was time to make a serious financial plan for his future family.