YNAB 3 Was Good, but With YNAB 4 Budgeting Just Got That Much Better.

We've left no stone unturned in making this the best YNAB yet. Here's what's new.

Better Workflow:

Cloud Sync

Keep all of your devices in sync automatically, in real time. All you need is a free Dropbox account. It’s easier than ever to keep your budget up to date. Learn more about Cloud Sync >


Never lose work again. YNAB 4 automatically saves your work at regular intervals and also when you quit so you’ll never lose your progress.

Version History

Wish you could go back in time to undo a mistake you made in your budget? YNAB 4 lets you easily restore your budget from previous states.

All Accounts

YNAB 4’s new ‘All Accounts’ view lets you view all of your transactions in one place, making it much easier to find and filter transactions across your accounts.

Flexible Exporting

Exporting is now incredibly flexible. YNAB will export exactly what you see on the screen based on your current filter or search.

Automatic File Handling

If you have multiple budgets, YNAB now handles all of your budgets for you. No need to remember in what folder on which drive that you’re keeping a budget.

Default Budget

When you open YNAB, your last used budget is now opened by default, right where you last left off.

Budget Switching

Now, when switching between budgets, YNAB no longer has to restart. A real time saver if you find yourself switching back and forth often.

New Print Engine

With our new print engine you can flexibly print the data you see on screen, directly to your printer instead of a PDF. Printouts are much more readable and your data won't get cut off.

Unicode / Extended Character Support

YNAB 3 only supported latin characters, but YNAB 4 allows you to input text in any language now (Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, etc).


Better UI:

Beautifully Clear

Work with a fresh new interface that benefits from hundreds of design touches that create a more consistent, readable, intuitive and efficient experience.

Collapsible Account Groups

Have a lot of accounts? You can now collapse your budget or off-budget accounts groups to keep focused and distraction free.

Collapsible Scheduler

The transaction scheduler tucks out of sight until you need it so that you can see more transactions.

Better Budget:

Unified Budget Info

Information on how your budget values are derived are now unified in each month’s header instead of spread between the top and bottom of each month.

Better ‘Current Month’ Cues

In addition to marking the current month in the timeline and current month header, YNAB 4 also changes the color of past months so you don’t get lost.

‘Balance to Zero’

If you have several categories that you want to zero out the category balance for, there’s now a Quick Budget command to let you do it in one fell swoop. The option is also available on a per-budget cell basis if you just need to change a single category.

Faster Budget Switching

If you use multiple budgets, you'll appreciate this. In YNAB 4 you can now switch between budgets without having to quit the program.


Better Accounts:

Account Reconciliation

A new reconciliation wizard lets you reconcile all of your accounts with ease to make sure that YNAB and your account balances match.

Improved Importing

QIF users, this one’s for you. YNAB 4 won’t import duplicate transactions from QIF files, saving you potentially hours of time in account cleanup. Transactions before your start date are no longer imported, unless you specifically choose to in which case your starting balance will be adjusted.

Improved Date Filtering

Now you can filter your accounts to show only transactions from this month, the latest three months, last year, the year to date, and any custom date range.

Send to Scheduler

Simply select a future dated transaction in an account register and send it back to the transaction scheduler in a single click.

Fast 'Cleared' Filter

Click on any total in an account footer to quickly see only your cleared or uncleared transactions for that account.


Better Reports:

Spending Reports

See your spending by category or payee. Easily filter out accounts, categories and payees to see only the information you want to see.

Income v. Expense Report

Now you can see your net income to make sure you’re taking in more than you’re spending. See averages and totals of your spending over time.

Net Worth Report

A new easier to read report and the ability to filter by dates and filter out accounts gives you total control over the information display.


All this and hundreds (thousands?) of smaller features and fixes.