Easily Share Your Budget Everywhere With Cloud Sync.

With Cloud Sync, any changes that you make to your budget will automatically be saved to all your computers and mobile phones that share it. Use YNAB's iPhone or Android app to record your spending right there at the cash register. Add a transaction on your Windows PC at work and have it show up on your Mac at home. Setup is simple and you’ll never have to worry about keeping your devices in sync again. Keeping your budget up to date has never been this easy.

One other major benefit: You’ll always have an up to date backup of your budget somewhere other than your computer. If your hard drive crashes, your budget data won’t be lost.

Enter purchases & check balances on iOS and Android.

Mobile Apps

What do I need for Cloud Sync to work?

For Cloud Sync to work, you need an internet connection and a free Dropbox account. If you temporarily don’t have an internet connection, any transactions that you enter will be synced when internet becomes available.

Is Cloud Sync secure?

YNAB’s Cloud Sync is powered by Dropbox, an industry leader in personal cloud storage. All your data is totally private unless you specifically share it with others. Data sent from any of your devices is transmitted using the same encryption that bank websites use. Learn more about Dropbox security.

Which devices are supported?

YNAB 4 works on your Mac and Windows computers, your iPhone, and your Android phone.

How do I set it up?

Setting it up is easy. YNAB 4 walks you through it as soon as you start up. For more details, see our Cloud Sync Setup Instructions.