Set up Cloud Sync on the Desktop

Download and install YNAB, then open it.
When prompted to use Cloud Sync, click, “Yes! I’d like to use Cloud Sync.”

YNAB will check to see if you have Dropbox installed. If you do, you’ll see this screen:

If you don’t have Dropbox installed you’ll be prompted to install it. In order to use Cloud Sync to keep the budget updated automatically between devices, you must install Dropbox.

Follow the prompts to complete the set up.

Open a budget file or create a new one. Then you can set up your mobile devices. You need to set up or open a budget on the desktop first in order to view it on a mobile device.

Set up Cloud Sync on a second computer

Download and install YNAB on the second computer.  Set up Cloud Sync when prompted and make sure you link the same Dropbox account that you used for the first computer.

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Switch to Cloud Sync

If you already have the desktop software installed and just want to change your local budget to Cloud Sync go to File > Budget Properties and click on "Yes, Cloud Sync this budget".

Follow the prompts to complete the set up.

Any budget in your Dropbox folder is then copied up to the Dropbox computers in the cloud where they'll be downloaded to all other computers to your Dropbox account.

Your budget (and all other files in Dropbox) will remain on your computer even while offline and get synchronized automatically when you hook up to the Internet again.

You need to wait for Dropbox to catch up before opening your budget if you've been offline for a while. Please watch for the green checkmark on the Dropbox icon to be sure that it is complete.

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